Jamaican (Thick) Purple-Gold Irish Sea Moss

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This royal Purple-Gold Irish SeaMoss is wild-harvested off the coast of Jamaica where it naturally grows on rocks and reefs in the sea. It is a naturally thick and mucilaginous variety of sea moss - the exact same species as the popular Gold Irish Sea Moss. The only difference is that it is minimally processed to keeps its original royal purple pigment, serving loads of phytonutrients and antioxidants that boost the many healthful properties of this wonderful super food.

Each package contains 4 ounces of pure Purple-Gold Irish Sea Moss - no fillers, no additives, just 100% pure, natural, WILD Jamaican sea moss!


- Thyroid support

- Digestive support

- Reproductive support (Male and Female)

- Iron

- Promotes energy

- Weight loss

- Anti-inflammatory

- Skin Care

- Anti-aging