The Formation 

Transitioning from the Laws of Man to the source of life or Law of Nature, YAGA Lifestyle was formed in its season in November 2017. 

Founded in the most ranked visited countries in the world, JAMAICA. YAGA Lifestyle supplies to those who seek healing, the best nature has to offer from herbs to tropical foods and a formulation of both for other uses. 

As Told By YAGA

"A shift in environment gave me exposure to nature and we became inseparable. If you believe that everything has its season, then you are on the right path to understanding mother nature".  

The Lifestyle

YAGA Lifestyle is an experience, a journey that highlights the magic of nature. As the years go by and generations are created, the ‘Lifestyle’ has to be passed on to maintain life longevity. YAGA Lifestyle shares the knowledge and benefits of nature and emphasizes its importance to life sustainability as the middleman between nature and man. 

‘Living like YAGA’ is to feed the body with mother nature’s healing produce. The aim is to supply the body with its required minerals and combined elements of the periodic table from iron to calcium, oxygen, and more. 


YAGA Lifestyle wants you to join our way of living to replenish and restore your true health for a longer life.