Jamaican Chew Stick Herbal Tooth Powder

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Cleanse your teeth the natural way with Jamaican Chewstick Tooth Powder by Yaga. This complete oral care product is made of ground Jamaican Chew Stick (Gouania lupuloides) with added Sea Moss Powder and Lignum Vitae Bark Resin.

Chewstick is a climbing woody vine that grows wild in Jamaica. The stems naturally contain saponins which create a cleansing foam when combined with water and rubbed against the teeth. 

Chew Stick Herbal Tooth Powder Benefits

  • Anti-bacterial & Antiseptic
  • Whitening
  • Prevent plaque and tartar
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Strengthens gums
  • Heal gums and oral sores
  • Remineralize teeth with Sea Moss
  • Draws out heavy metals and toxins

Chewstick Tooth Powder is slightly bitter-tasting, but not unpleasant.

How to use Chew Stick Herbal Tooth Powder

  1. Scoop out a portion and apply to wet toothbrush. 
  2. Brush as normal to create cleansing foam.
  3. Rinse and repeat as needed. Smile!