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YAGA Roots Tonic - 16 fl oz

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Yaga Roots Tonic is a healing herbal tonic made with a carefully selected blend of the best roots, barks and herbs from the woodlands of Jamaica. It represents the best of Nature to help you achieve the best health. 

Main Ingredients: 

Sarsaparilla root, Chaney root, Blue vervain root, Strong back , Ironweed, Stinking toe bark, Ra Moon bark, Bitterwood, herbs and spices.

These ingredients are harvested from their natural habitat deep in the woodlands during the appropriate moon cycle, and brewed in natural spring water collected straight from a rock located in the foothills of the Jamaica Blue Mountains.

Plant magic, moon magic, water magic and Yaga magic combine to make this phenomenal Herbal Tonic.

Yaga Roots Tonic Benefits:

  • Bio-available iron fluorine for optimal blood iron levels

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Detox the blood of impurities, toxins, pathogens,

  • Lower Blood Sugar

  • Improved Sexual Performance

  • Regulates Stress Levels

  • Eliminates mineral deficiencies

  • Support Optimal Brain and Nerve function

Available in 16 fl oz.