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Jamaican Kalawalla Herb (Calaguala, Samambaia) - Uses and Benefits | Yaga Lifestyle

by Yaga Lifestyle on Nov 05, 2020

Jamaican Kalawalla Herb (Calaguala, Samambaia) - Uses and Benefits | Yaga Lifestyle

Kalawalla (Calaguala) is a potent alkaline herb that grows in the rainforests of Jamaica. It is a fern of the Polypoides genus, the most popular strains being Polypodium leucotomos and Polypodium decumanum also known as Samambaia. Kalawalla also grows in the rainforests of some South and Central American countries such as Honduras, Peru and Mexico, where its leaves and rhizomes are used for making herbal remedies. Modern researchers have recently caught on to the amazing healing benefits of kalawalla fern, and there are now many studies and findings that prove effectiveness of this herbal remedy.

Kalawalla Herb Polypodium Leucotomos

Kalawalla the Autoimmune Modulator

Kalawalla is reported to address autoimmune disorders such as Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, and others, by modulating the immune system to resolve imbalances that cause overactive immune cells to attack healthy human cells and tissue. The components of this plant are so intelligent that it selectively corrects the actions of overactive immune cells. It's immuno-modulating properties has been extensively studied for the treatment of Vitiligo. where it is proven effective for treatment.

Kalawalla Skin Herb Polypodium Leucotomos

Kalawalla for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition in which patches of the skin loses its pigmentation due to overactive immune cells attacking melanocytes that give pigment to the skin. Kalawalla both modulates the overactive immune cells and aids in UV sun protection of the parts of skin that have already lost pigment. It is also reported to enable repigmentation of the skin where pigment was previously lost.

Kalawalla for Psoriasis

Kalawalla extracts are reported to decrease the over-growth of skin cells and skin thickening caused by psoriasis. It is said to reduce the severity and extent of skin lesions in psoriasis patients. Kalawalla also has anti-inflammatory capabilities which can aid in soothing the pain that psoriasis flare-up may cause.

Kalawalla for Skin

Kalawalla contains an abundance of sun-protective and antioxidant properties that impart anti-aging and UV protection benefits. It can reduce the recurrent harshness caused by the polymorphous light eruption. It reduces redness from damaged skin as well as relieves pain and speeds us the healing process. It can be considered as form of natural sunscreen. Kalawalla is reported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant components that combat free radicals to prevent premature aging of the skin. 

Kalawalla Fern Yaga Lifestyle

Kalawalla for Multiple Sclerosis

Kalawalla is known to improve Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the transmission of information to the nerves in the body. This can affect the brain and spinal cord which are the nerve centres of the body. Because of the interruption of nerve signals, movement of the limbs and other extremities are affected causing problematic lack of sensation in areas of the body. Kalawalla helps to relieve that numbness and also decreases fatigue. It aids by calming down but not suppressing the immune system as MS is known for having an abnormal imbalance of suppressors. As MS may also cause problems with thought process, Kalawalla can be used to restore and rebuild mental strength. 

Where To Buy Kalawalla

Kalawalla can also be found as part of Yaga Lifestyle’s wide range of natural herbal products. Their Jamaican Kalawalla Herb is 100% pure Kalawalla leaves and rhizomes harvested by hand in the Jamaican rainforest where it grows wild. Our packaged powdered Kalawalla can be used to make a decoction tea or made into Kalawalla capsules. Shop Kalawalla Herb here



  • Lloyd
    Jun 30, 2022 at 11:35

    Does kalawalla help with diabetes?


  • Irene Cheatom
    Mar 02, 2022 at 09:46

    Found the answer to previous question. I’ll make the tea and also purchase the capsules just in case she doesn’t like the taste.


  • Irene Cheatom
    Mar 02, 2022 at 09:46

    So how do you consume it? Do you make a tea, chew and swallow, mix ground in your food as a seasoning…..?
    My granddaughter has lupus and it has hit her spine, brain and optic nerve causing blindness in the right eye and minimal sight in the left. She’s considered to be legally blind. She has spasms and jerks from time to time uncontrollably. Her balance and circulation cause her legs to be numb and without strength when she stands up. I was told that this herb would help.


  • Clifford Allenbey
    Mar 02, 2022 at 09:46

    do you have pavana also called croton?


  • Cindy
    Mar 02, 2022 at 09:46

    I’ve ordered raw black jamaican oil, you charged my card for it, but it was not in my order when I received the other products, and you guys aren’t responding, so you just going to take my money and not , respond huh, O.K. This company is a rip off!


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